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Tech Dads United is a new blog and community for dads interested in tech. We hope to enlist more contributors to help grow our community soon. If you are interested in contributing to our site, please contact us.

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Brett Eldridge
Contributing Since: March 1, 2018
Hello. Brett is my name, I am married, and I am dad to a 9 month old little man named Ashton, and my wife is due again in August. I have owned a web development company for 14 years, and am just selling off the last few components so that I can focus on being an awesome stay at home dad. I started this site so that I can be a part of a community of tech dads. I have a real passion for tech, and just can't wait to incorporate it into my kids toys and projects, and I would love to see what other dads have created for their families. My interests are mainly focused around web development, photography, computers, arduino, and making things. This project is not going to be a one man show. I really want to create a community, and I encourage others to contribute and share.
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